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Do I need a student mastercard?

I would like to know whether or not I can get a student mastercard. The thing is I’ve been carrying out transactions over the counter for some time now and it’s been going well for me. I feel getting a mastercard for college students is just a waste of time and money; I actually heard about the fees and charges involved which I believe is a little too much for a student considering the fact that we are not salary earners or business owners. However, I’d really appreciate if anyone could tell me on how to improve my student credit account. Thank you!

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

1 answer

Ralph Lopez on July 11, 2018

I want to begin by saying getting a student master-card is not compulsory for you at all but while you may not utterly require a master-card, there are several advantages of being in possession of one as a  student. If you’re going to make progress in this present century, you’ve got to adapt your mind and mentality to emerging trends. So let’s face it, master cards are one of the newest developments in this century and unless you’re someone who loves going through the stress of standing in long queues at the bank, then you need to get a card. The greatest advantage or benefit of using a mastercard as a college student is the ease involved in making payments and withdrawals. Master-cards are so much easier and faster for carrying out any kind of transaction. As a student, you don’t have the time to stand in long queues waiting to receive or send money; you can do a whole lot of things with that time such as studying, learning a new skill, attending classes, doing assignments and lots more. Back in college, there was nothing like a master-card in existence then and believe me, if there was, I would have graduated with a distinction. Each time I stood in the queue, I always felt very angry not just because my legs were hurting but because I had a whole lot of activities to catch up with. But now, master-cards have made life easy for most people. Student master-card or credit cards are very easy to open. All you need to do is apply to the appropriate agencies and they’ll take it on from there.

More so, college is a very good place for you to start building credit; so you don’t have to wait until graduation before you do that. The essence of having a student master card is to allow you learn the dos and don’ts as a financial being and trust me, there’s no better way to test and learn that than through the use of a student card. You learn a lot like; how to manage your funds, the importance of punctual payments, etc. if you’re able to master and apply all these successfully, you could stand the chance of having a very good credit score which would give you a  solid financial standing and pave way for you in the long run.

You also did mention something about the high fees and charges involved but this is not true at all. You can avoid huge fees by utilizing your card well. Of course, with a student credit card, you don’t get to pay annual fees at all, at least for most cards. Another advantage is that it offers purchase protection. In other words, they come with warranties such that if your cards get lost, stolen or even damaged, you can get a reimbursement, repair and a replacement of it. This is why it is good to open a student’s credit account when opening your first account.  You can read more about the benefits of a student master-card here: . Enjoy the rest of the evening! 

Noel Byrd2 years ago

Well, if you ask me, I’d say; you don’t have much of a choice than to get a student mastercard. I remember telling myself that I was never going to get a cell-phone no matter what; but two weeks after making that decision, I found myself negotiating with a cell-phone dealer. Believe me; you don’t want to know what prompted me to get one, that’s a funny story for another day. Asides the ease that master-card brings, your future depends on it. You’re probably wondering how right now, but I really don’t want you to experience how difficult life can be after school before you begin to take caution and precaution. You need to start building credit for yourself. After school, you’re going to be faced with a whole lot of financial loads such as rent, taxes, etc in which you may require a loan. The last thing you want is to request a loan from probably, a financial institution and be turned down simply because you have no credit history. Your credit history and score is what or how your employers, landlord, agencies and other relevant bodies know that you are financially responsible. 

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