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Do I need a lawyer to get power of attorney?

Victoria Fowler

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1 answer

Timothy Norman on October 25, 2018

The format is quite simple. It requires a notary and witnesses, but is not a lawyer. However, if someone is urging you to create one, it would be a good idea tor consult with an attorney to make sure that you are not creating a great risk to yourself. Warning Unless you are absolutely sure of what you're doing and fully informed about the consequences, you should consult a lawyer. A POA grants broad powers to your attorney-in-fact. You will have full access to your assets and will need to be able to keep a good record. You should keep an account of all the money that comes in and all the money is going for their side. You must be reliable, organized, intelligent, reliable and act in a professional manner where your finances and property in question. A power of attorney for health care allows your agent to make medical decisions on your behalf if you should become unable to make those decisions for yourself.

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