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Do I have other funding options besides the AES student loans?

I have never considered taking a student finance loan to aid my education. My fears emanate from the fact that there is no guarantee that I will get a job after my college to pay for the student loan I have used. This is why I seek other options to taking AES student loans for my education. I know some institutions have the lowest interest rate student loans for individuals who want to pursue their education. However, there is no guarantee that they will forgive the debt in case I am unable to pay. This leaves me wondering how I could get other options to aid my education besides the AES loan programs.

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

1 answer

Derrick Little on April 24, 2018

Various countries have multiple options to aid the learning of most college and university students. Besides the AES loan programs, America has various options, including scholarships, to support the education of the citizens. What I know is that the options have distinct requirements that determine one’s qualification. Since you may not want to consider taking student financial loans, you can find other options that your state has for students.

The ideal option for helping one to pursue their education is getting a scholarship. The best thing about scholarship awards is that you won’t have any debt with the organization granting the award. In a way, it helps to finance your studies and save you the hassle of having to look for money and pay for a loan. Some institutions may provide partial support while others finance the entire program of your education including upkeep. I am a beneficiary of a scholarship that financed the whole cost of my education. It is one of the options that will never give you stress. While my colleagues complained about having huge loan debts, I was happy that I did not apply for a loan. However, getting scholarships is not easy. You will have to apply, and pray that it all goes well. I was lucky to have mine, and I will always encourage students not to fear to apply for scholarships. Despite the intense competition for the same, applying is a worthy decision.

You can have other options from state agencies to help lessen the burden. For state agencies, you can get a subsidized loan where the interest rate is low to make the entire amount manageable. The other option would be peer-to-peer lending where you get money from someone you trust. In most cases, such the criterion of success depends on the agreement you make. Some peer may have no problem with you taking their money, and repaying it with no interest at all.

Getting college education is important to everyone. I like the zeal that people show when seeking for options help finance their education. For my case, I would commend the students loans from AES to students due to their flexible programs to help them. Besides, AES is renowned for collaborating with private lenders in the education sector. My advice to you would be to try federal loans, which often have the lowest interest rate for student loans. Despite the fact that you will have to think of repaying it, it will have helped you to finance your education comfortably.

Roger Moore2 years ago

I have a similar opinion. Getting a scholarship for a college education is the best thing that can happen to a student. It is the only way to have peace knowing that you have no loan debt accruing in an institution somewhere. When I finished my secondary studies, I knew I would get a scholarship to aid my university learning. I tried to apply for various scholarship programs to no avail. Since my parents were not in a good financial position to finance my education, I thought my dream was shuttered. Lucky enough, a friend mentioned to me about the AES loan programs, which I had to consider. I am happy I have completed my college education with a student finance loan from one of the best lenders in the country. It will be good if you get a scholarship. However, you could consider student loans with low-interest rates.

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