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Describe the three different stages your résumé goes through when being submitted to an employer.

Deborah Edwards

in Business

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1 answer

Daniel King on August 22, 2018

According to the following are the 3 stages that happen to your resume after you have submitted:1. "What is beyond Technology" - the resume that you spent will be submitted to various scans and screening tests to filter out applicants in which the employer only needs.2. "Initial Human Confirmation" - after the resume is submitted to rigorous technological examinations, the company shall confirm whether the information entered by you in the resume is true and accurate. Are you going to do a series of calls to you, and to the people that you are referring to.3. "Move Up" - the recruiter now to send your resume to the manager once that is subjected to all the processes of selection. Now you are going to be placed in that for the realization of the interview.

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