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Describe the effect of western imperialism on the Chinese economy and society

Jeremy Wood

in History

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1 answer

Cynthia Baker on February 7, 2019

Haha I had to write an essay on this about two weeks ago. China first felt the effects of imperialism after the Opium war, when the united kingdom demanded that they give Hong Kong and access to other four commercial ports. Because of this treaty, China was forced to integrate into the European/western system of commerce. Despite Europe taking over its ports, China is relatively autonomous from a political point of view. The Qing Dynasty in power and kept safe. The Chinese are still the majority of your government, because the greater part of the Europeans, the respect. Imperialism does not have much effect on industrialization. China remained unindustrialized for most of the story. They believed in the process of industrialization was going to kill their culture and even the few reforms that were made were shut down by people like Cixi. Although the Europeans took over their ports, and never by the force implemented huge technological changes. However, due to the western imperialism, China later realized that they needed to catch up and make other reforms that later led to Mao and the Cultural Revolution.

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