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Describe how you can avoid spreading invasive plant species.

Karen Wright

in Biology

1 answer

1 answer

Kathy Robinson on March 5, 2019

By having more animals that eat plants you should keep the food chain in a minium or otherwise predators or prey will be in charge of the food chain and could cause a lot of problems. The use of herbivores not only helps us, but helps the plants once the old plants die or eat can grow knew ones, and the cycle repeats. Or Humans can use some of the chemicals in the roots of the plant to stop growth, but if it does, that may be even worse because we need plants to survive. Plants help us breathe by filtering out pollution and to give us breathable oxygen. So to keep the plants from the invasion/spread of animals can help us because it does not kill a lot of plants they just eat the ones that are there.I hope this helps :)

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