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Describe four types of packaging that prevent tampering with medicine.

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

Bethany Evans on January 4, 2019

The pharmaceutical products are responsible for the public health and, therefore, several safety measures are taken to ensure that the product reaches the end user safely. For this, pharmaceuticals are packed in sterile containers to prevent the contents from contamination, occur because of various external factors, such as the environment elements and human tampering.The different types of materials are used for the packaging of pharmaceutical products, which includes both glass and plastic material. The benefit of using these materials is that they are easy to sterilize and prevent the contents from coming in contact with any other material. The use of these materials, different types of pharmaceutical packaging is done. Some of them are listed below:Aspetic processingAspetic processing involves the creation of packaging for medicine products that is sterile and free of germs and will not lead to the degradation of contents in any condition. For this processing materials like glass and different types of plastic are used.Blister packThis type of packaging is usually done for tablets or capsules for unit dosing. This is designed in the form of a plastic cavity containing a single dose. Are called single blisters and are often accompanied by a large sheet in order to provide multiple doses.Ingression processThis is another form of pharmaceutical packaging process in which moisture or oxygen are entered the package to test the intensity of degradation. Since, pharmaceutical are subject to several degradation pathways, mostly due to hydrolysis and oxidation, it is important that medications undergo the entry process.Child safetyWhen it comes to safety of children packaging of pharmaceutical products requires greater attention on the part of bottling medicines with caps that require a complicated movement to open. This prevents children tampering the medicine and consuming it unnecessarily when they are unattended.LabelingWhen that a product is packed, it is also the label that contains all the information of the product. The label contains everything, the date of manufacture, expiry date, bar code, product code, doses, the composition of the medicine or any other note and warning. Labeling ensures that the medicine is consumed safely.Manipulations evidentTamper evident that it is a feature of a pharmaceutical packaging that enables a consumer to make sure that a package is in its original state and has not been tampered with. This is a way to ensure the integrity of the product. To make pharmaceuticals tamper evident various types of methods that are used, which makes any kind of manipulation of the visible action, thus preventing consumers from buying pharmaceutical products that are not up to the standard.

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