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Delhi police ki bharti kab aur kitni nikal rahi hai?

Dana Keller

in Student Loans

1 answer

1 answer

Megan Page on May 3, 2018

aap English me puccho sawal buhot jawab meilenge. (if you ask inEnglish better chance of many more responses) but Trushal this question is about New Delhi for heavens sake. All theDelhi people speak hindi, and they are the only people that matterfor this question seeing as it is the delhi police. Do you Expectto receive imformative answers to this question from outside of india?How riddiculous that we only use English to speak between peoplewho speak hindi much better. Asking in hindi is much better ideabecause it is the people, the mother tongue and in fact the people willprovide better answers in the language they feel most comfortable towrite. You don't see that this kind of attitude that things arebetter written in English is just a silly post-colonial thing thatus indians think that English is better than hindi? And why doesn't someone answer op question, for heavens sake?

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