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Coriolis effect, global winds and continental deflections are all factors that control a. deep currents c. surface currents b. wind currents d. density of currents

Caroline Campbell

in Geography

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1 answer

Cynthia Baker on October 13, 2018

Option correct answer is :C) the Surface currentsExplanation:The invisible force that seems to deflect the wind is the Coriolis force. The Coriolis force refers to the action on the rotary objectives. Winds sweep over the Land of the powerful systems to low pressure systems. But, the winds do not move in a vertical line. The actual paths of winds and of ocean tides, which are driven by the wind are partially to a conclusion that the effect of Coriolis. The Coriolis effect is defined by Gustave Coriolis, the 19th-century French mathematician who first described it.

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