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Construct the line perpendicular to TU at point V 45 POINTS PLS HELP Download png

Jeffrey Rodriguez

in Mathematics

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1 answer

Theresa Perry on January 30, 2019

Response: The construction of steps shown below,1. Place the compass on point V and the swing an arc of any size that crosses the line twice.2. After that stretch of the compass bigger.3. Place the point of the compass on the point where the arch of insects of the line and draw a small arc above the line.4. Without changing the length of the compass place the compass point at the other point where the first arc crosses the line and draw another small arc above the line that intersects the second arc at the point P. 5. Now join the points P and v, with the help of the scale.These are the steps to draw a perpendicular to a line at the given point.

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