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Consider U = {x|x is a positive integer greater than 1}. Which is an empty set? {x|x ∈ U and 1/2 x is prime} {x|x ∈ U and 2x is prime} {x|x ∈ U and 1/2 can be written as a fraction} {x|x ∈ U and 2x can be written as a fraction}

Kathy Robinson

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

Kathy Robinson on February 9, 2018

B) {x|x ∈ U and 2x is prime}x is greater than 1.the only even prime number is 22 times nothing is still.the minimum value of x is 2. 2x is 4, therefore, greater than the only even numberevery value of 2x will be a multiple of 2, so not prime.

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