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Consider the nuclear equation below. What is the nuclide symbol of X? A) 230/90Th B) 229/89Ac C) 228/90Th D) 228/88Ra Download jpg

Victoria Fowler

in Chemistry

1 answer

1 answer

Annie Barnes on August 16, 2018

Response; (C) 228/90ThExplanation; -above The nuclear equation shows a beta radiation. The nuclide X undergoes beta radiation to form 228/89 Ca.- When an unstable nuclide undergoes beta radiation, the mass number remains the same while the atomic number is greater than one. -Therefore, we can obtain the mass number and the atomic number of the nuclide X, The mass number would be the same 228 (not affected by the beta radiation) and the atomic number would be 89 (88+1).

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