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Complete the balanced overall ionic equation for sodium iodide dissolving in water.

Ronald Miller

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1 answer

1 answer

Theresa Perry on January 3, 2018

Answer: NaI (aq) → Na⁺ (aq) + I⁻(aq)Explanation:1) The formula of sodium iodide is NaI2) Due to the large electronegativities of sodium (Na) and iodine (I), sodium iodide is an ionic compound.3) Ionic compounds dissociate in water to produce the corresponding ions. In this case, as it has the highest electronegativity, the ions of Na⁺ and I⁻ .4) To write the equation in ionic, you have to take into account, the number of ions per unit formula and the phases.So, in this case, the species are in water solutions, this is one of the aqueous solutions. Then, use the symbol aq to indicate aqueous phase.The result is the equation ion: NaI (aq) → Na⁺ (aq) + I⁻(aq)

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