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Competitive games can __________ those with limited skill. a. intimidate b. excite c. empower d. anger

Roger Moore

in Social studies

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on July 16, 2018

Competitive games can be "intimidating" to people with limited ability. Competitive games are those in which the players play against one another and in which a player means another player to win loses. Two player games are regularly aggressive, with a particular win or lose result. Two-group recreations regularly have a similar example, in which one group winning means another group loses. It could also be feasible for the result to be, where neither group wins or loses. At the point when there are dozens, (for example, football), unlike the basic win-lose, (for example, chess), at that point win or lose has a variable degree. A 'face washing' occurs when a group of scores is not centered. Competitive games may include different contenders players or groups. In such circumstances, the position with respect to all the others, it is imperative and of 'first' and 'last' can be isolated by numerous players in the middle.

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