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Compare the benefits of natural change to ecosystems to the disadvantages.

Megan Page

in Advanced placement

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on October 28, 2018

Natural changes to the ecosystem relate to environmental shocks that occur naturally. Natural changes include floods, volcanic activity, hurricanes, droughts and earthquakes. They can be destructive, but they also have their advantages.The benefit of the flood is, for example, the contribution of nutrients to the soil, which was lacking. It can also be relocation of fishes and organisms living in bodies of water, which improves the ecosystem.Volcano threat to people and animals in the area are in danger, but also has some advantages, for example:the soil becomes rich, because the nutrients from the volcano. The hurricane resulted in the destruction of infrastructure and loss of life, vegetation and cattle. The advantage is that it reduces the temperature and wind will cause the surface layer of the soil, to be distributed to the areas in which is lacks.

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