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Classify these bonds as ionic, polar covalent, or nonpolar covalent p cl k br c c

Kathy Robinson

in Chemistry

1 answer

1 answer

Kathy Robinson on November 29, 2018

Types of Bonds can be predicted by calculating the difference in electronegativity.If the difference of Electronegativity is Less than 0.4 then it is Non Polar Covalent Between 0.4 and 1.7 then it is Polar Covalent Greater than 1.7 then it is Ionic To P and Cl, E. N Chlorine = 3.16 E. N Phosphorus = 2.19 ________ E. N the Difference Of 0.97 (Polar Covalent)For K and Br, E. N Bromine = 2.96 E. N Potassium = 0.82 ________ E. N the Difference 2.14 (Ion)For C, and C, E. N Carbon = 2.55 E. N of Carbon = 2.55 ________ E. N Difference 0.00 (Non-Polar Covalent)

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