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Choose the correct answer to complete the sentence. During the Civil War, both sides wanted to control the Mississippi River because it was ____________________. A. an important source of water for cities B. a major supply route that divided the South C. the only route inland for the Union Navy D. a major port for ships arriving from Europe

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William Cain on November 20, 2018

Answer: B. an important supply route that divides the SouthExplanation; -The Mississippi River is important for several reasons. It provides irrigation for crops, as well as the transport and the food for the people who live nearby, and has done so for hundreds of years. During the Civil War and provided transportation of troops and supplies.-The Union wanted to control the Mississippi River to cut the east of the Confederation; to provide the Union army with bases along the Mississippi River. -The Union wanted to capture the key southern positions along the length of the Mississippi river. the Union navy was going to try to capture the port of New Orleans and moves to the North throughout the Mississippi river to join forces with Grant's army that was to head south along the river.

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