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Charter schools vs public schools: what is the difference?

I am a student in a public school, and I don’t understand how the children in the charter schools are being taught. Recently, my classmates have been debating about charter schools vs public schools, and they were really eager to know the difference between the two. Unfortunately, they failed to get the answer. Now I am about to go to the next grade level; I wish to transfer to a charter school within my residence so that I need to understand the difference between charter and public school. I wish I can get help before I shift. I also need to know if the charter schools are abiding by the American school system.  I wish one can help me understand what the difference between charter and public schools is in order for me to get familiar with the education system.

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Bethany Evans on April 12, 2018

It always takes people some time to choose the best school for themselves. When deciding between public schools and charter schools, there are some factors you should put into consideration. If a child gets enrolled in a nice school from the beginning, he or she will have an opportunity to be enrolled in a nice university or college later on in the future this is because there are high chances of high performance. Thus, below are the differences between public and charter schools.

You should first know that charter schools are actually public although there are slight differences that make them differ from each other. First, the charter schools are funded per student basis with the aid of the government funds, and on some occasion, they can have private funding as well, but on the contrary, they always receive some funding. While the public schools are partially funded by the budget allocated by the state mainly through the taxes levied to the citizens. On the other hand, the charter schools should meet the standards laid down by the school system in America in order to secure the state funding. On the other hand, the public schools adhere to the respective school board rules governed state laws.

As a professional, I would advise that you enroll in a public school since in the charter schools there is no evaluation of the teacher's credentials which differs from state to state, while in the public schools the teachers must be certified by the state education board. In the long run, the school syllabus is regarded to be flexible since the school is always held responsible regarding the performance of the students in the school. On the other hand, the school curriculum in the public schools is always decided by the state education board, and therefore implemented by the district board.

When enrolling in a charter school, one should apply because there is no entrance exam for the charter schools. While in public schools all the students within the school district are free to enroll in the school. Conclusively, I would advise you enroll in a public school since the public schools are more accountable for themselves. While charter schools rules are always drawn up a group of members which makes it not conducive to some people.

Caleb Jenkins2 years ago

I adhere to the above statements concerning the difference between charter and public schools and choosing a suitable school. Most public schools are always conducive to families in the middle and below average income households while charter schools are affordable for wealthy people. Nevertheless, if you really wish to enroll yourself in a charter school, you should strive harder in order to assemble the necessary funds before enrollment. Moreover, I think picking up a school based on the type is not a good idea since one should be mostly being focused on the student’s needs. Every child has their own goals and determining a school for you should incorporate looking for the disciplines offered at the institution. You must also consider the students’ performance of the school. Determining the performance of the students is achieved by looking at the grades of the test.

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