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Centrifugal force increases with _______________. a. deceleration b. traction c. acceleration d. all of the above

Brandon Scott

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1 answer

James Washington on January 7, 2018

Answer: Option (C) AccelerationExplanation:the Centrifugal force is the force fictitious that we feel while moving in the circular path. Fictional in the sense that it does not really exist, but we believe that in a non-inertial system.Fc = where Fc = centrifugal force,m = mass, v = velocity,r = radiusIf a throttle body, that means your speed is increasing. According to the equation of the Centrifugal force mentioned above, the Centrifugal force is directly porportional to the square of the velocity of a body. Therefore, when the speed increases (which means that there is an acceleration), the centrifugal force also increases (due to its direct relationship with the speed of the object).

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