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Catalina y julio __________ regatear. sabemos saben conocen conocemos mi novia __________ a mis padres. conoce sabe conozco sabes yo __________ madrid. sé sabes conozco conoce sandra y andrea __________ la universidad. conozco saben sabemos conocen yo __________ montar a caballo. sabe conozco sé conoce

Melissa Norris

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1 answer

1 answer

Jeremy Wood on December 3, 2018

1. Catalina and Julio know how to haggle.This phrase means that - Catalina and Julio know how to negotiate. You must use a sword here instead of knowing because the verb know is used to indicate that you have the knowledge to do something, while knowing means that you know someone, or some place like that.2. My girlfriend knows my parents.This phrase means - My girlfriend knows of my parents. So, obviously, here we use the verb 'to know', because that means that you have met this particular person before, as is the case in this sentence above.3. I know Madrid. This phrase means - I know Madrid. You know, in the sense that you are familiar with Madrid because I've been there before and don't easily get lost. This is the reason why you use know in place of sable here.4. Sandra and Andrea know the university.The same thing is that here, as in the sentence 3 - this sentence means - Sandra and Andrea get to know the university. Know of a way that they know where is what, and where to go, since I have been attending lessons there for a long time.5. I was riding a horse.This phrase means - I know how to ride a horse. You could use 'know' because it is demonstrating that the knowledge of a particular skill, in this case, the mounting of a horse. To know does not really fit in this sentence.

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