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Can you work on a student visa to supplement your university payment?

Whether you can work on a student visa or not is a critical question to ask for an international student. Who doesn’t know how expensive it is to cater for one’s university fee in the United States? Someone told me that working with the United States student visa was the best option for a person trying to make their university payment add up. They insisted that this was majorly dependent on what type of visa do i have. I had thought student visa cost was the only headache I will have to endure and then I would be good to pursue my career. 

Naomi Doyle

in Study Abroad

1 answer

1 answer

Derrick Little on February 2, 2018

You are in the right course asking yourself such a question prior to starting your career while studying at the university. If you have not yet understood how difficult it is to pay up to US$60,000 every year, then you need to wake up and start thinking of how you can manage this without being put on the notice every other time by the university management on fee arrears when you can be focusing on pursuing your career instead. Can i work on a student visa? Oh yes you can! In fact, you should not make the decision to work part time solely based on your dire need to cater for your career, it is a great idea for any student out there who is intending to build on a solid résumé for themselves as they gain the necessary experience having their fingers on their respective field of study. What you need to understand however is that the United States does not take working illegally lightly. If you do not want to jeopardize your student status and find yourself in situations such as deportation, then you should never break the rules that can bring you to such problems. By saying all this, it doesn’t mean therefore that you should fear working during your study period in the United States, it only means that you should seek to understand the most basic rules of processes on work authorization before you can start working as a student with United States visa.

Initial costs for student visa is not just enough for you to complete your career in the university by the way. Depending on what type of visa you have, you can start thinking of how you can work on completing fee payment and funding your living expenses in the course of your study by working part time. Your student visa can allow you to undertake an on-campus employment only up to 20 hours in a week when you are in session working on full –time basis, 40 hours or even more when in school break. F-1 student visa holders may not be allowed for off-campus work within their first academic year, M-1 visa holder students can only undertake their practical training after they are through with their studies. In this regard, being employed on an On-campus basis would mean working within the campus premises or off-campus locality that has got affiliation with the school. This can mean having to work in your university’s bookstore, cafeteria and any other campus facility where student help can be needful.

Caleb Jenkins2 years ago

This was really cool to read, I agree, jobs outside your campus premises can only be open to not only students who have already accomplished their first academic year, but also those who qualify for academic hardship. I at one time had a hard time getting a job without an academic hardship qualification, and it wasn’t until I complied with this requirement when I secured a job for myself. Government sources regard financial hardship as things to do with- new circumstances that may arise in the course of your study which are beyond your control and you didn’t expect. This will be things like, medical bills, sharp hikes in tuition fees, or a cut of one’s financial help. And in the period which your application is still pending in the United States’ Immigration and Customs Enforcement, you cannot be allowed to work. For you to work on a student visa, you therefore need to apply early enough for a guarantee of employment.

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