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Can you work on a student visa?

I wonder whether getting a job is a possibility for a foreign student. As far as I know, the practice is not legal. Am I missing anything? Can you work on a student visa is any countries or exceptional cases? Does it matter what type of visa do I have? My friends studying in America say that the United States student visa is meant for people who will only attend courses or a university; working is not an option here. Well, at least officially.

Oh, I have another question to ask as well. How much does a student visa cost?

Brandon Scott

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on April 24, 2018

Working on a student visa is possible in some countries. In the U.S.A., for example, it is generally believed that students cannot work. Well, at least those who come from other countries. However, while the majority really believes it and doesn’t even try to, there are still ways that you can work on a student visa.

Of course, finding a job won’t be a simple task. The first place you should look is the establishment you are studying in. Working on campus is the most common option. It is completely legal and you won’t have to waste your time going to the other the workplace on the other end of the city. Any location classified with your school would do. It seems that there are plenty of options to choose from (library, bookstore, cafeteria, etc), however, they all may be already taken. I advise you to contact the school administration beforehand and ask about getting a job. This way, they will know your wish and be ready to offer you a position when it becomes available.

Of course, you won’t spend a whole day at work. This is a part-time employment meaning that you will work only 20 hours a week. During your first school year, this is the only type of job you can get. Next year, you will be able to work off campus on student visa if you can prove financial hardship. To get a “free pass,” you have to apply to a Designated School Official. The process of getting all necessary documents may take a long time, so, be sure to start the process as soon as you can.

Student visas of the United States offer you a chance to get curricular practical training that is meant to be a part of your school curriculum and give you real-life experience. This may be an internship or practicum of any kind. This type of employment can be full-time if you wish so. In this case, you also have to finish at least one academic year.

The last option is temporary employment related to your field of study This is an optional practical training. You will also require an approval from DSO. It is even more amazing that you can apply for 12 months of OPT. Certain majors can increase the duration up to 17 months.

For other countries, you have to ask the main question: what visa type do I have? Some countries have multiple types of visas for students.

If you are worried about the cost of student visa, you better the official migration websites of your destination country as the price may change.

Noel Byrda year ago

A friend of mine attends a uni in England and works there at the same time. I can’t prove or challenge the previously mentioned information. However, I’m 100% in terms of UK. I’ve found information that all student from EU, EEA, and Switzerland can work while studying I the country. It’s worth mentioning that they can only work part-time—no more than 20 hours per week during term. Full-time jobs can be occupied only for the duration Christmas and Easter breaks. However, they are not so big for students to get a reason to change their schedule. Besides, this is time for festivities and relaxation.

Here is a useful article that will tell you many details I don’t know or simply don’t remember on the topic of working while you are on a Tier 4 visa in the country: It dwells on possible working hours, types of jobs, self-employment, and many other interesting topics.

So, yes, you can work on a student visa. In some countries. Proving that you are from a certain country as well.

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