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Can you tell me when is Thanksgiving in 2018?

I am embarrassed to ask ‘when is Thanksgiving?’ because I know that most people remember Thanksgiving date. But I never pay too much attention to holidays. This time is different because some friends invited me to celebrate with them and read a Thanksgiving prayer. I think it will be nice.

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

1 answer

Ramon Kelly on November 12, 2018

Actually, more people than you think ask themselves the same question. The modern world can be at times so overwhelming that it is easy to lose all sense of time. Most people know that it is celebrated each year in November, but many ignore when Thanksgiving is exactly celebrated. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. Therefore, in 2018 it will be celebrated on November 22.

It can be more confusing if you do not live in the USA because this holiday is celebrated in other countries too but on a different date. For instance, if you live in Canada, you will have already celebrated this holiday, because it is celebrated there every second Monday of October.

There are several tools that are easy to find that can help you to never forget any holiday or any important date anymore. The simplest way is to schedule it on your smartphone. You can set it to be notified on the same day, or the day before to give you some time to prepare for it in advance.

There are also many apps available for smartphones that you can use as digital planners. You will not have to worry anymore about not knowing what day is today or important dates, because those apps will help you remember them.

People who are used to celebrate this holiday each year always know in advance the date of Thanksgiving. They know that the preparations for this holiday take some time. Therefore, they start getting ready for it sometimes even in October.

Lists of guests, home decorations, dinner menus, those are only some of the items that have to be taken into account when you are organizing the celebration of this holiday. However, some people prefer to change the tradition of preparing homemade food and they buy frozen dishes to bake at home or food ready to be eaten. Both options are good since the point of this holiday is to get together to share nice moments. Reading or saying a prayer on Thanksgiving is one of the most traditional activities on this holiday.

Wilson Hansena year ago

I know that many families have the habit of saying or reading a prayer on Thanksgiving. I think that it is fine because each one can celebrate this holiday as they want. My family does not do it, but I have many friends whose families still keep the religious tradition of praying together on this day. However, I think that what really matters on this day is that all the members of the family get together. Most celebrations by the end of the year have that purpose. This holiday, as well as Christmas, is a perfect moment to share some good family time and leave all your worries behind. I also like to go out with friends to see parades and other special events on this date. And I like to eat special dishes too, such as the turkey and cranberry sauce. But it is not my primary concern. 

Jordan Sotoa year ago

What a coincidence, I was going to ask ‘when is Thanksgiving?’ too. I only know that it is celebrated each year in November. Honestly, I do not care very much about it because it is not my favorite holiday. And I do not like to eat turkey anyway. I’d like to know that it is coming soon because it means that Christmas, which is my favorite celebration, is near too. Time goes very fast after the Thanksgiving date and in the blink of an eye, the year is over.


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