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Can you tell me what the UC application deadline is?

I wasn’t sure before but now I want to apply to UC and that’s why I’d like to know the UC application deadline. A friend told me that I should visit the UC Berkeley portal if I want to submit my UC Berkeley application, but I haven’t done it yet.

Amanda Johnson

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1 answer

Jodi Brooks on August 13, 2018

It may be difficult to choose a specific university or college from the long list of good universities that you can find in the country. You may want to choose the university located the closest to your home or, or the contrary, explore other states and choose a university located on the other coast of the country. Or you may want to select to apply to one of the most famous universities or maybe you would prefer the quieter environment of a smaller university. It is important to think of all those factors when choosing a university, in order to choose the one that suits you best.

The University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) was founded in 1868 and it is the flagship institution of the ten research universities affiliated with the University of California system. As of 2017, it had a population of 41,919 students. Its admission rate in 2016 was 17.5%.

At Berkeley, Cal you can take undergraduate degree programs on many areas of interest. If you are sure that UC would be a good choice for you, then it is a good idea to apply for admission there. The application deadline at UC is November 30 ( ). You will need to be patient and wait for decisions until March or April since UC Berkeley does not offer applications for early admission or early decision.

Your friend made a useful suggestion, since navigating the portal of UC Berkeley can be helpful to anyone interested in studying at this university. In fact, it is likewise useful for the students that are already studying there. This university publishes a lot of useful information through its portal and you can visit it regularly if you want to get updated details about the admission process. It is on this portal that the university will publish the exact decision dates on students’ applications.

Moreover, you can find the requirements to submit your application to UC Berkeley by visiting its website at . You will also find there a list of the most common questions about applying to this university and their answers.

Emily Alexandera year ago

I also find that the portal of UC Berkeley is very helpful. It covers all the administrative departments of the university and I think that almost every question that you may need to ask can be answered by searching on that website. What I like less is the fact that, with all the modern technology, communication between people has become distant and colder. Luckily, it is also possible to call UC Berkeley by phone, if you prefer that way of communication. There’s the postal mail too, but it takes longer. The phone number of the university appears in the Contact section of its website. I understand though that if students take the time to visit the site, the university staff can focus more on their job and decrease the distraction caused by the high number of inquiries that this university receives every day from enthusiastic students interested in studying there. 

Roger Moorea year ago

I submitted my application some days before the UC application deadline because I didn’t want to wait until the last minute and not having enough time then to solve any problem that could arise. The whole process was very easy because everything was online. The UC Berkeley portal is very easy to navigate. I knew it since long before I started to visit it to get information on how to apply for admission at UC. I’m glad to be able to read the university news on my smartphone and tablet. 

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