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Can you tell me something about Berkeley online courses?

I have been told that Berkeley online courses offer an excellent way of getting degrees. I am a little skeptical since there are many organizations which claim to offer such courses but don’t. I wonder if Berkeley is any different. I would also like to know where I can get free online graphic design courses with certificates. It is one thing to manage to study, but quite another to get a certificate. It will also help if you give suggestions on free online web design courses. I am interested in them.

Curtis Rhodes

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Zach Chandler on July 17, 2018

Berkeley courses online are a highly reliable way of earning your degree. Their courses are not only accredited, but they are also thoroughly well taught. When you visit their Berkeley College site, you get information on their programs. The courses include Accounting, Fashion, Finance, Business, Health Services, IT, Legal studies, Management, Marketing and Health Insurance. You will benefit from the following by enrolling.

All the courses lead to certificates, Associate degrees, Bachelor’s degrees and MBAs in management. So the idea of studying without getting a valid qualification document does not arise at all. Since the courses are accredited, they are widely recognized. Consequently, it will not be too challenging to get employment after completing your course. In addition, you will easily enroll for graduate and postgraduate courses in any university using your Berkeley qualifications.

Like other online courses, these are flexible enough to fit into your schedule. This does not mean that you should not take your studies seriously. Some people assume that because a course is flexible, they can do as they wish, without any responsibility on their side. That is not the case. You will still have to attend a minimum number of lectures to qualify. You will also have to do assignments on time. Failure to do that will lead to your losing your money without getting anything in return.

You can attend classes from home, provided that you are connected to the internet. This will save you expenses such as transport and accommodation, which add to the costs of learning. It is thus a very convenient way of getting your certification.

You can get free graphic design courses online with certificates from Berkeley among other colleges. Before you take any of the courses on offer, you must check if they offer you certificates at the end. Other such institutions that offer the courses are listed on the site.

The same listed sites also offer online web design courses free of charge. It is mostly the case that where there is graphic design, there is also web design. The sites listed by are carefully selected and should not give you any problems. However, you should look for any hidden costs in the courses advertised. Many advertisements contain the word “free,” only in the form of free trials. Suddenly, certain unforeseen and unexpected costs rear their ugly heads from nowhere.  

Craig Stewart2 years ago

Yes, the Berkeley courses online are some of the best you can pursue. They are very well conducted with attention to detail. The classes are steered through interactive interfaces, making them resemble actual classroom setting. There is also the online college library, which will help you access the books and other research reports to help you with your studies. The support of faculty is also very good. With that kind of support, it is always a lot easier to complete your studies and perform well. Another thing is that I find it very hard to take the idea of free courses seriously. I trust that there are some good ones out there, but the trick lies in finding them. I am yet to come across any that offers all that it claims to. In many cases, you get far less than you wanted, and there is no way of complaining. 

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