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Can you suggest some ideas for funny Halloween costumes?

My whole family like to win prizes for these things, so I’m interested in the best Halloween costumes for men, women, couples, maybe the dog. I also need kids Halloween costumes for a third-grade boy and a toddler boy. I don’t mind working on funny Halloween costumes. Thanks in advance.

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on October 18, 2018

What fun it is to searching for funny Halloween costume ideas. Prizes usually go to original homemade outfits. There is a Top Ten List of popular themes:

1. Monsters, vampires, ghosts, witches, zombies. To win any points for originality here, you’d have to think of a really creative variation of some character.

2. Movie and cartoon characters; dolls and action figures. Family costumes can be inspired by the whole cast.

3. Warriors from history or fiction ones.

4. Pirates. (There are also a few female pirates.)

5. Historic period costumes.

6. Animals, including birds and insects. Peacock, firefly, and squirrel outfits are on sale, as well as the standard cats and rabbits. If you want to scare people, you might try costumes of microorganisms.

7. Pumpkins, scarecrows, and haystacks; anything with an autumn feeling.

8. Fantasy creatures like unicorns, pixies and dinosaurs.

9. Unexpected objects. What about a whoopee cushion costume? Stores advertise costumes for bananas, fire hydrants, bottles, and couples’ themes like “peanut butter and jelly.”

10. Puns. Prizes go to puns that have not been done yet. A man once won a prize for the best Halloween costume by hanging a stamped envelope on a chain around his neck and telling people he was a chain letter. Now that one’s been done. Think about some hilarious puns or a new way of depicting something.

A kid’s Halloween costume should definitely appeal to a child. Well, dogs and toddlers rarely wear very fancy costumes for long. Even for adults, it’s nice to start with a usual outfit they wear every day, then add some stuff for the competition.

Even though costumes available wholesale don’t usually win prizes, check online for costume elements; some online stores offer discount codes.

Jessie Thompson10 months ago

I like costumes that “dare not to scare.” A funny Halloween costume can be some character from history or literature. The funny part is that you can spend time at the party saying things the character actually said. If I was trying to win a prize, I’d do Samuel Johnson. If I was trying to win a prize with the whole family, either Teddy or Franklin Delano Roosevelt would be good. Well Muhammad Ali would also be great. 

Jeffrey Rodriguez10 months ago

I agree that the best Halloween costumes for kids and dogs are simple ones. I doubt that anyone would win a prize explaining that their dog is a lion at heart. I don’t suppose the main characters in “The Wizard of Oz” would be considered funny Halloween costumes for man, woman, two boys, and a dog. 

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