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Can you suggest some good self development courses?

It is my dream to get promotion and reach a senior management position. I noticed many of the employees in my company doing different self development courses. I think I too should do something to improve my personality. What are some effective self development activities? Is it useful to attend some personal growth workshops? Can you provide me information about good self development courses? Are there any useful personal development websites from which I can collect information?

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

Donald Ward on February 6, 2018

A self-development activity is important for employees to acquire the skills they need to grow in their profession. Therefore, it is common for companies to offer their employees some kind of development activities like succession training, off-site training, supervisor contact, and career paths. However, these are often more work-oriented than person-oriented. Therefore, a more effective strategy that will help you in every sphere of your life is doing personal development courses.

If you are looking for some useful online self development training programs, remember the following a few places I think you should explore are, Udemy, Udacity, Coursera, and edX. These platforms offer a wide variety of courses on personal development along with a highly recognized certification at the end. The beauty of these courses is that you can learn them at your own pace.

Personal development workshops are very effective in this regard if you have time to attend them or if your employer is arranging them for you. Generally, these workshops will help you understand stress and its triggers, resilience and various resilience techniques, strategies to survive in stressful work and life environments, career planning, communication skills, leadership skills, understanding your true potential, rethinking and resetting your goals and a lot more. The benefits of attending these workshops are plenty. You will gain better understanding of different leadership styles and their features, learn decision making and problem solving strategies and effects, learn the ways of building trust and credibility, learn how to recognize and deal with various triggers of stress, achieve better emotional wellbeing, learn how to work effectively in stressful atmosphere, learn how to cope with difficult situations with flexibility, learn effective career planning, have an effective professional development plan that suits your career plan, learn how to communicate effectively, and learn productive intervention strategies to reduce conflicts, to mention but a few.

Alright, if you are left with no such opportunities, the way out is websites for personal development. The beauty of this approach is that these websites offer tips free of cost. A few names I could find online are provided here. I can’t guarantee you that they all meet your specific purposes but they are certainly about self improvement of some kind. The names I could collect are success consciousness, live your legend, time management ninja, Stephen guise, advanced life skills, paid to exist, four hour workweek, the change blog, the start of happiness, productivity 501, life hack, steven aitchison, pick the brain, and addicted to success.

Larry Warren2 years ago

Never underestimate the benefits of self development courses and workshops. When I landed my first job in 2008, I had very little idea how focusing on self development could help me further my career plan. However, after a year of hardship dealing with workplace pressure, inability to handle conflicts, and a large number of consequent chaoses, one of my colleagues took me to a three-day workshop on personal development. That was the turning point. At the end of the workshop, I came out as a totally new person who was well aware about my abilities and weaknesses and capable of planning my career ambitions accordingly. In addition, I learnt a number of useful skills in my life, like effective communication, leadership skills, time management, and staying focused in stressful situations. Since then, I have started focusing on personal development and started working on the areas where I need improvement. The effects are huge. Now, I am able to acknowledge my resources and explore and exhibit them fully when needed. Therefore, my productivity and life satisfaction grew manifold. So, personal development is a serious business.

Emily Alexander2 years ago

I have learned a lot from self development activities. One of my colleagues suggested this idea to me when we were talking about some areas of my job that I do not like. In my self-development process, I went through a powerful self-awareness session that completely turned my perspectives. I am now fulfilled chasing my own dreams after identifying my values, beliefs and passion. With the help of self development courses from, I was able to deal with the areas of my weaknesses and enhance my strengths. 

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