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Can you still qualify for free financial aids at a community college if you already owed some unpaid student loans with other private colleges?

Timothy Norman

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Jennifer Patterson on January 19, 2018

If the default of student loans are Federally guaranteed, like Stafford, PLUS, or Perkins, then the answer is no. You will not be eligible for any type of Financial help from the Governmentgovernment, while the previous loans in default. There are only 2 ways to get out of default on Federal government Guarantees the student loans. . Contact your collection company or student loan servicer and request to enter the rehabilitation program. Most people qualify, but I have seen some refused when the defect is more than 10 years of age. In the rehabilitation program, you will need to make 9-12 on-time payments, in addition to their however. After the 9-12 on-time payments, they should stop the garnishment, but you will remain in a default status until your Rehabed loans are sold to a new lender. In the past, which was an easy process, but in these turbulent financial times, other lenders are not buying rehabed loans. Thus, with this option of the loans will remain in a Default state for the foreseeable future. . The second way in which you can get by default and have its embargo lifted is to consolidate your loans. These days very few Federal lenders will consolidate defaulted loans and your lender will probably not release the loan for consolidation while in a seizure of the stage. The good news is that there are some companies out there that will help you get a garnishment lifted and find a Federal lender to consolidate the loans. A good example is Default Management Services, Inc. It is the cheapest that I have seen and give a 100% money back guarantee on their services. You can search on Google the name of the company to get the phone#. Ask for Doug.

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