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Can you still get to the Summer Meltdown festival?

I know that this is not the best time to decide to go to the festival that has already begun, but I wonder whether it’s possible to get to Summer Meltdown this time. I live nearby and it’s easy for me to get there. I’ve noticed that I have a Summer Meltdown promo code and want to use it. So, is there a place where I still can get Summer Meltdown tickets?

Eric Morgan

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1 answer

1 answer

Kathy Robinson on August 3, 2018

Well, your timing couldn’t be more perfect. As far as I understand, there are still tickets available. At least, you can select the type of ticket you want to buy on the main website of the fest. I can’t really tell you whether they’ll be available on the site because such festivals rarely provide ticket booths right there.

You should also know that the Summer Meltdown’s concerts always provide various kinds of tickets.
First of all, there are those tickets meant for a certain number of days. One-day pass is meant for Sunday only. It costs $110 with all fees. As I understand, you cannot buy a one-day pass for another day.

The second option is the ticket for Summer Meltdown Saturday and Sunday. It’ll cost you $210 with all fees. Without them, it’s just $185. In general, this is the most popular kind of tickets people tend to buy. Not all of us can make it to a music festival during the working day. So, a weekend is the best offer. Besides, most events tend to schedule the best performances for these two days.

Then, there’s an extended weekend option for 3 days at a price of $250. Comparing it to the full price of the 2-day pass, we see that Friday isn’t expensive at all. You’ll just add $40 bucks for the whole day at the fest. Isn’t it a great offer?

The full 4-day tickets to Summer Meltdown are also incredibly popular. They give you a chance to enjoy all activities and performances the festival has to offer. Many people take this chance to rest from their daily chores and spend a few days in a company of cheerful people, lots of food and drinks, and world-famous singers.

However, these are not all Summer Meltdown festival offers. Also, you can choose to upgrade your tickets and buy various additional passes. If you have a Summer Meltdown promocode, I bet you can save enough money to enjoy a few drinks there.

Leigh Manna year ago

I’d also like to add that there are youth offers. So, if a person decides to take a child or a teen to the fest, they’ll have to pay $53-$145 plus fees and taxes. The price also depends on the number of days a kid will be there, $53 being for just one day and $145 for the full stay. If they visit for 2 days, it’ll cost $85. The 3-day pass is $110. These are the prices for children aged 9-15. The younger ones are free to come. Note that a child can be only in the company of an adult guardian and cannot stay even day without them.

Also, I’d like to add that all tickets include free camping, even the ones for one day only. Summer Meltdown welcomes people to feel at home and ensures that their stay is comfortable.  

Emily Alexandera year ago

Though all Summer Meltdown tickets give you a place in the camping site, those people who come in RV have to buy an additional pass. It costs $293 with all fees. The price isn’t for one person but for one vehicle. Car owners can pay less—$177, but all places are already sold out. So, it isn’t the best idea to come by car if you have no other safe place to left it.
Also, Summer Meltdown values the security of all its attendants and is free to search both your vehicle and yourself.

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