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Can you recommend any good Halloween store?

I am throwing a Halloween party for my children and some of their schoolmates, and I desperately need to find a good Halloween store. I specifically need to buy some Halloween makeup because my children already have their costumes but I still need to buy some accessories for them, and Happy Halloween decorations.

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Jeremy Wood on October 24, 2018

In fact, there are many good stores all over the country, as well as in some cities in Canada, that are specialized in the supplies for parties inspired on the celebration on October 31.

Since you need accessories and decorations, I can recommend that you take a look at the website of Spirit Halloween. It is a store of Halloween articles that has a nice website where you can actually buy necessary items. Take into account that buying online can be a little more expensive than going to the actual store since there is a shipping fee that is added to the items that you buy. If you are not in a rush, you could consider finding the Spirit Halloween store nearest to you and go there to find something interesting. You can find the list of stores here 

Another good store where you can buy the makeup for Halloween, the accessories and the decorations that you look for to welcome guests is Rakuten. It is a store located initially in California, but do not worry if you do not live in that state. Rakuten is an online store where you can find costumes for this holiday, but also accessories and decoration, big and small such as fog machines and candies. You can see the assortment of items that you can buy at this digital store at 

There is another store that sells many items related to this event. It is called HalloweenCity. It does not sell online, but it has stores in many towns around the country. This store is popular because of its animatronics. If you were looking for big decorations for your garden, these would be perfect. These are mechanical witches, dolls, and zombies that will frighten and make everyone scream.

You can check where the HalloweenCity stores are exactly located in the country by visiting their website at Hopefully, there will be at least one in your state and near your home.

You only need to choose where to buy what you need for your party. Happy Halloween!

Kayla Bowen2 years ago

I will visit all and each one of those stores because this year I am preparing for Halloween early. I was used to leave everything until the last minute. But I have finally understood that it is a terrible idea because you can miss important discounts on Halloween items and you do not really choose when you buy at the last minute. Actually, you just take what others have left: the ugliest and most uncomfortable costumes. Maybe it is different with these big stores that seem to keep a huge stock of costumes and makeup for Halloween. I had usually bought my Halloween costumes in a small shop until now, and then I had to find accessories and makeup and home decorations somewhere else. But these stores make your life very easy. I cannot wait to try their online service. I want to see the full catalog of their costumes. 

Charles McAlear2 years ago

I have decided that I will only go to a Halloween store that has an address to buy costumes for me and for my family. I will definitely quit buying pieces of clothing online because I have already gained bad experience with that. The sizes, the colors, the design, they are never the same as they look in pictures on the websites. And they are always worse. I would only buy some Halloween makeup, accessories or decorations online. 

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