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Can you provide me with some information on good study abroad programs?

I would like to do my undergraduate studies abroad because I have many friends who always boast about their wonderful experiences in their new countries. The problem is that I have very little knowledge about study overseas. What are some of the best study abroad programs available for undergraduate students like me? Is it a difficult task to apply for a program abroad and what are the steps of applying for a program abroad? Please, provide me with some useful online resources where I can get reliable help to choose study abroad programs. Any help will be highly appreciated.

Amanda Johnson

in Study Abroad

1 answer

1 answer

Donald Ward on September 17, 2018

Well, a lot of students opting to study-overseas is growing sharply. The reason is that studying in a foreign country is a very special experience. I am going to provide you with information on a number of study abroad program providers with years of experience and trust. One of them is IES Abroad, with about 68 years of experience in study abroad programs. As of now, the organization has 34 global locations. From the organization website, it is clear that the organization has more than 130 programs in different 34 locations along with the opportunity to enroll in courses at other universities abroad. The beauty of IES programs is that everything from pre-departure planning to your return to the US is included in the IES program; you don’t need to worry about the complexities. Are you interested? Here is the link 

Then there is CIS Abroad with 120 programs ad 88 majors you can choose from at 44 locations in 22 countries. Either you can study for a semester abroad or can select a complete course abroad with the assurance of the course being transferred back to your university. If you are smitten by the adventure of studying abroad, don’t wait. Just talk to the global advising team of CIS. They will help you select the perfect program for you in terms of your educational needs, financial capabilities, and other expectations. Once this is done, the experts will help you cover the application process, visa, and pre-departure orientation. That is not the end, once you are in your dream destination, we have agile on-site staff who will help you get used to the new place. That means, you always feel at ease away from home. Here’s the link to collect more information and to join 

Want to explore Asia along with your business studies? Then there is a program that might interest you. That is the Asia Study Abroad Program in Business (ASAP) from Marist College. Using the Spring term of your course, you will travel to Asian countries including Cambodia, China, Japan, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Tibet, and Vietnam. As you explore the business culture of Asia, you will gain 12-15 credits in this semester. Use the link  for more information.

Well, the mere fact is that the list is really long. You can find thousands of the best study-abroad programs if you contact a good study abroad consultant. However, you should not shift the burden onto their shoulders and relax. Communicate with as many people as possible to know more about the countries, courses, experiences and so on. If you land the right course and right country, certainly it will have a great impact on who you are in future.

Wilson Hansen2 years ago

Don’t miss the chance! When I was offered the opportunity to study during my one semester at Shanghai in China, I was very unsure. China is totally different from my home country in every aspect, including language, food, manners, and in fact, nothing is similar. However, I was fortunate enough to take that wise decision to utilize the opportunity to go to China. It was like jumping into a pond without knowing how to swim. There was a total imbalance at first; away from family, different language, no friends, unheard foods and recipes, thickly populated campus, to mention but a few. However, in a few days, I realized that there are many Chinese students in the campus who are more than happy to help me and be friends with me. That realization changed my life in China altogether. It was all fun after that; visits to local restaurants, parties, traditional Chinese foods, efforts to learn Chinese, in no time, I became well acquainted. Now, looking back into those beautiful days, I can say that this study abroad program made me a global man, confident enough to live with and understand any culture and people.  

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