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Can you give me some ideas for Thanksgiving images this year?

I surfed the Internet last year to find websites that had many Thanksgiving images that I could use for my iPhone and my computer. I think about using now Thanksgiving pictures. I want a Thanksgiving background different from the ones that I have used before.

William Cain

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1 answer

Justin Parker on November 12, 2018

It is certainly very easy to find digital images nowadays about any specific holiday on the Internet. There are so many images that it is possible to choose a different one as wallpaper for your phone and your computer for each day of the year. You can also select one of those images and edit it yourself afterward. That way you can adapt a given image to your own preferences.

If you do not know how to edit an image or if you just prefer to leave vector graphics and PSD files behind for a change, then images about Thanksgiving made by yourself will be a good option. If you like drawing, you can create a nice image and once that it is finished you can scan it or take a picture of it.

If you do not like drawing, another option can be to use a coloring page. You can select a black and white drawing on the Internet and print it. You can color it as you wish, and then you can scan it or take a picture of it. You can find drawings with many details at 

If you have children or a little brother or sister, you can ask them to color a drawing. It can be a simple drawing of a scarecrow in a field or the Pilgrims with Native Americans. You can find drawings especially made for children to color at 
Children like to draw and color and they will be happy to color an image for you. Besides, every child always uses their favorite colors, so you can be sure that the image that they draw or color for you will be unique. You can take a photo of those colored drawings to have pictures of Thanksgiving that will serve as a background for your phone and your computer. And you can use those drawings to decorate your home on this holiday.

If you like outdoor photography, you can take your own pictures of fields or turkeys or a scenery that you like to use them as a background of Thanksgiving.

Olive Wilsona year ago

I do not use a special background of Thanksgiving. Actually, I do not use a special background for any holiday. My phone and my laptop have the same background during the whole year. I just do not see why you should change images so often. I use my phone and my laptop to communicate or work, and I never stare at the images on the screen. But I guess that it could be a good idea for children and teenagers. They can have funny images to share with their friends and schoolmates or family pictures to remember the members of their family if they live away from them. Even if I do not change my wallpaper in November, I do celebrate this holiday. I go to my parents’ house because my family meets there. I may take some pictures, but not to use them as a background on my phone. 

Noel Byrda year ago

I like to have old Thanksgiving images on my tablet because I like history and also because the deep meaning of this celebration can be found in the past. They help me motivate me before this holiday and when it is over, they help me keep the good memories of the wonderful moments spent with my family. I have already used many vintage pictures as a background for my devices, but – as far as I can remember – I have not used family Thanksgiving pictures yet. It is a great idea. 

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