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Can you give me some ideas for a funny Thanksgiving?

I do not want to repeat the same celebration. I decided to be more original this year, and that is why I want to prepare a funny Thanksgiving for my children. Maybe some Thanksgiving games would be of help. I do not know if singing Thanksgiving songs would be better.

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Daniel King on November 12, 2018

Traditions can be kept using an innovative view and adding your personal touch. Your children will surely appreciate that you prepare the funniest Thanksgiving for them to celebrate this holiday in a more original manner. Moreover, it can motivate them to learn more about the history of this celebration. Playing is an important activity in the learning process at an early age.

If your children like to wear a costume on Halloween, they may also be delighted to wear a different costume on this date. They can choose to be Native Americans, Pilgrims, a scarecrow or even a turkey. The range of options is wide for them to choose because it is not limited to the characters generally related to this day. Your children can wear the costume of their favorite character or superhero and imagine how they would celebrate this holiday.

If your children prefer to wear the costumes of the typical characters of this season, they can play a different hide-and-seek. Their costumes will turn it into a Thanksgiving game. The Pilgrims can go and look for the turkey or, in order to make the game funnier, the child that wears the costume of the turkey can look for the Pilgrims.

You can decide together whether there will be a prize or reward after the game and what it will be. You can award a prize that will help your children practice their reading skills, such as a book for children with tales about this holiday. A coloring book will be a perfect reward if your children are very young.

Singing is another activity that is fun, helps the children learn new words and develop their artistic abilities. You can search for songs on the Internet or sing your favorite Thanksgiving song with them. If they have a favorite song or if they learned a new song at school, they can teach it to you so you can sing it together. After singing it once at a normal speed, you can try singing at a slower speed and at a faster speed. You will have fun for sure.

Kurt Pricea year ago

I like the Thanksgiving song by Adam Sandler and I would even say that it is my favorite song on this holiday. But I like many other funny songs too. My memory is too bad to remember the lyrics of all of them, but I look for them on the Internet and take them to my family meeting. I have done it many times before. That way we sing them together while we wait for the turkey to be ready. It is also a fabulous way for children to have fun before having our holiday dinner. It is true that sometimes this day can be boring for small kids. I find interesting the idea of looking for games and songs to make it funnier for them. I will try it this year with my little brothers. I am sure that they will like it because playing is their favorite activity. 

Caroline Campbella year ago

I like this holiday as it is and I cannot think of it anyway else. Just the idea of a funny Thanksgiving seems impossible to me. When I was a child, we never played Thanksgiving games at home. And now that I have my children, we do not do it either. They have fun at school, coloring some turkeys and other popular images related to this holiday. But we always stay calm at home. We read about the history of this holiday, eat the turkey and enjoy our time together. 

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