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Can you give me information about ITT online learning?

I am told that ITT online learning has the best courses in technology on the internet. Can you tell me what ITT is and how their courses operate? I wish to know this because I am very interested in pursuing at least one of the online technology courses available. I wish to pursue my course in a flexible matter that will not stress me out too much. Is it possible to get free online engineering courses? These would be helpful in giving me some additional information as I pursue my studies.

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on July 20, 2018

ITT is an institution that was established in 1969 to primarily offer courses in technology. It had 38 campuses in the United States by 2015. Somewhere along the line, they came up with the online learning ITT courses, to help spread learning through the internet, and reach more students. It is true that ITT offers some of the best courses in technology online. Remember, this is a private institution, so you have to pay for the courses. You can find out more about this, and even enroll, at College Below are the advantages you get when you enroll with them.

  • You will attend online discussion groups that are monitored by instructors. There will be deadlines for readings and assignments like in traditional studies on campus. However, ITT courses have more deadlines available than other similar online courses. This gives more second chances for completion of assignments. Another thing is that the assignments will be done collectively with other students, discussing online. This shouldn’t make them such a drag if you are not one for doing assignments.
  • Students constantly interact with others and their instructors through message boards. This enables the constant exchange of information between students and faculty. That way more ground is covered than if one was to learn alone.
  • There is 24-hour access to an online library. Students can visit at any time and get the books, periodicals or research papers they need to refer to. Material that is important to the course is readily available. This makes the work of research a lot easier.
  • Students also learn time management, which is a very important skill in the world of employment. Managing time is taught in a practical way, where students have to finish specific tasks by a certain time, to keep the group work going.

For free engineering courses online, you can visit Edx or Class Central. The classes are meant to give you basic knowledge in engineering, so they will not lead to a degree or certificate. However, you are right when you say that they can help you get some additional information while you are learning. You can also start off with them, to know exactly what you are getting into. The sites have a wide range of useful information, conveyed through impressive communication interfaces. However, there is minimal interaction with lecturers if at all, since lessons are pre-recorded.

Emily Alexandera year ago

Engineering is such a practical subject that I don’t know how they manage to teach it online. The truth is, whatever simulations are used, they are simply not like the real thing. So when you go for an online technology course, it had better be on information technology, since you can do the practical part on your laptop. I know I don’t sound very encouraging, but the way beams behave in theory, and the way they behave in practice, has quite a variance. Knowing that variance will make you a good engineer. Otherwise, you will just be another engineering degree holder. I understand when you go for a graduate degree online. What I don’t know is how good an undergraduate degree in engineering is, when acquired online. At graduate study level, most things are about theory and research, but at the lower level, you learn to do the real thing.  

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