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Can you give me a comparison of high school rating in different states?

I would like to move to the USA and I am looking for a good school to join, but before I would like to have a look at high school rankings by state. I want to know how states are compared according to the k12 school reviews. Once I get states comparison, I will be able to choose the best performing state and then check the public high school rankings in the specific area. Kindly provide me with a clear states comparison with regard to school rating. A good rating comparison between states in the United States will be highly appreciated.

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Jeremy Wood on June 18, 2018

Since you have not specified, I will assume that you are after a public high school and not a private one. In 2017’s best public high schools rating, Maryland topped all other states. Not only was the school the best in 2017, but it has also been leading for three years now. The performance of state-by-state depends on the states gold and silver medal earnings.

In 2017, twenty-seven percent of eligible schools in Maryland collected silver and gold medals. The state of Florida got 24 percent of the medals at number two. California got twenty-three percent medals at position three. According to public high-school rankings news, the awards of silver and gold show the most successful schools at making students ready for college. The awards are given to students who sat for and passed in advanced tests. To be eligible for a silver or gold medal, the school’s students must also participate and do well on the tests done statewide and graduate at the rates outlined.

According to k-12 school reviews, when it came to the number of gold medals, New York had fifty-five, Texas had sixty-five, and California had eighty-five. Only DC and thirty-eight states managed to scoop at least a gold medal. 6 of such states had only one state getting them a medal. South Dakota did not give the country permission to make use of the state’s schools’ AP data when doing the rating. However, based on graduation rates, state tests performance, the state registered some bronze medals. Unfortunately, a state’s bronze medals were not used in the state comparison.

You can check more details by following this link. Once you have decided which state to zero in to, you can check high school ranking by state. When picking the right school nationally or by state, RTI international dictates that a great high school is the one that serves all its kids well. A school should not only focus on the students who are already college bound; all students should be treated equally. Schools are also rated based on their ability to lead to quantifiable academic results to portray that it has educated its students across a wide range of academic pointers. When rating nationally, approximately thirty thousand public high schools in all states are reviewed.  This shows what the school that you will finally choose has been rated. The rank you get cannot be any better than that. 

Ronald Millera year ago

I do not fully agree with the school rating you have given. I believe the system of rating should take an approach that is more comprehensive. The approach should account for class size, safety, funding, performance and the credentials of the instructor. The quality of public schools’ education varies from one state to another, and this is why parents are advised to establish their needs as students or the needs of their kids first before making a decision. Unfortunately, most of us to do not have the luxury of having our children go to luxury private schools that can help them feel comfortable. This reason is why the strategy proposed should be used when rating a school as opposed to rating schools based on merit. You can use the rating to pick among the best schools based on merit. Once you have that, you will go back to the method I have shared. 

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