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Can you get into trouble for taking your son out of school due to him being bullied?

Kaitlin Dean

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on May 31, 2018

not the problem exactly - but you have tohome school that he prperly and he has to take all his Gcse's etc, Keep in mind that you have to be an absolute last resort - take it out of school means that he could not socialize correctly. I know someody that was taken out of school for medical reasons, and are just his madness. Try to talk with the teachers and make thm to see what is happenig - techers can be blind sometimes. And you could also try a new school with a differet bulling policy of Some of the points above are correct, but you can get into all sorts of trouble if you refuse to send your child to school, even if he is being bullied. However, the school must provide a safe environment for your child and if they are not doing, they are failing in their duty. Ask to see the School's Anti-bullying policy and then ask to see the Head teacher to see how they intend to implement the policy to protect your child.

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