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Can you get a student loan with bad credit and no cosigner?

Daniel King

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Bethany Evans on January 17, 2018

Answers from various contributors: . Have you talked to your admissions officer? Are you a single mother? There are a lot of government help that you might want to look into. . Find a cosigner with good credit to get a student loan. . try calling a loan officer to find out for sure. sometimes you can do the work and sometimes the loan can't be worked and is then placed in the trash. . See your financial aid advisor at the institution you are attending. Also try . Have you tried Sallie Mae? . When I got mine I 1) was entered into the fafsa."something" and while filling it out I was asked if I would be interested in lending, as well as the Pell grant that I signed. Try or .edu . It is safe to say that it is a basic fact that many, if not most, applicants/ students have no credit history or who have a bad credit history. Then, of course, there are those applicants/students who exhibit financial responsibility and fiscal skills that would shame a banker. Some students do not need to worry about credit at all, because of their family's financial situation or because they are in some kind of academic, athletic or other type of scholarship. . There are a large number of private and public scholarship locators available to match a wannabe student with a variety of financial assistance options. The schools themselves offer US the Government of the PELL grant funding local and special scholarships endowed by alumni, businesses, local citizens, not a small percentage of the applicants or the students. . [Aside: When I attended Ole Miss, the greater part of my education was paid for by myself with a Federal guarantee (that is to say, to your grave if you do not pay in full Student Loans. However, I have also received a local student $300 per semester scholarship that requires no payment at all, and was available for each of the following semester if the required GPA is maintained. Good ol' Miss (no pun intended) Annie S. Tillman of Panther Burn, Mississippi, had majored in and taught English at Ole Miss and she wanted others to like me, to follow his example. Thank You, Miss Annie.} . Do not rule out the possibility of attending a Junior/Community College(J/CC) for their first two years of the pursuit of your degree. Stay and eat at home while attending J/CC allows you to work and save money to increase any scholarship or other types of financial assistance.

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