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Can you explain the advantages and disadvantages of oral communication?

Jeremy Wood

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1 answer

William Cain on June 11, 2019

Advantages of Oral Communication Non-verbal cues are combined with verbal skills, adding more dimension to the communication experience. - It is instant and immediate in its conveying and reception of information. - Creates transparency, which increases the chances of the public understanding of the meaning of the speaker - the self-esteem of both the audience and the speaker. - Build interpersonal and interpersonal relationships, allowing the speaker to interact with the public directly. - Almost instant feedback through the body language and the reactions of the audience, allowing speaker to gauge the level of understanding and attention of the public, such as a speaker can alter his way of speaking to accommodate the audience to maximize understanding. - A good source of entertainment to eradicate boredom. The Oral communication is in the work of all parties. Verbal chatting is also a form of oral communication. - Helps the development of the credibility of the speaker. - Allows the audience to judge not only the content of the speech, but also of how it is in the words and whether the speaker is effective and persuasive. Disadvantages of Oral Communication-Unique - Information retention is difficult, it is more difficult to store or retrieve. The 80-20 rule comes into play here-most of the audience is likely to forget 80% of the information, keeping only the 20%, making the speaker very difficult task. Selective hearing, receiving information may be distorted resulting in the lack of communication. - Audience must be active listeners. - The same words said in different tones can express different messages. - Difficulty in finding words to convey correctly the meaning in a short period of time. - Some may find that it is easier to organise information through writing. - Easier to visualise the flow of information? This idea is good, but only if the display, for example. ppt presentations, they are simple, short and to the point, for the audience to grasp the idea easily. Presentation of too much written material is difficult to understand in a short span of time. - People usually take more time to communicate an idea.

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