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Can you drop out of college at any time?

Kaitlin Dean

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Dana Keller on April 29, 2018

Yes, you can drop in any time; however, if you plan on withdrawing out and have taken out student loans/grants there is a default time frame in which the school has tor return all payments received. (Ask your school counselor to find out how many weeks you are if this is something you are interested in.) If the school is required to return the funds, then you will only be responsible for the difference of what has been spent. If you do not drop very soon, then you will still have to pay your student loans back in full (in installemts unless you can afford to pay in its entirety). If you have paid out of pocket for you, then the registration of the same applies to refund any excess you have paid, if you withdraw within their specified time period. Otherwise, your payment will not be refunded.

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