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Can you be a police officer with a penn foster high school?

Nicholas Rivera

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1 answer

Ronald Miller on August 20, 2018

Answer 1: Of Course! Er... well... wait: let me clarify that. If you only need a high school diploma to be a police officer in what juristdiction we're talking about, then, yes, Penn Foster high school diploma is as good as issued by the local high school near his home. That's because Penn Foster (and its main competitor, Ashworth College) both realized that when it comes to high school diplomas, the "national" accreditor that accredits the compliance of their programs, the university is not good enough. When it comes to the high school displomas, only a "regional" accreditor's going to do. All public (and most private) in the elementary school, middle school and high school in the united states are "regional" accredited. At the high school level, "regional" accreditation is the "gold standard" of accreditation. While a high school diploma, no matter where it comes from, is "regional" accredited (or, rather, technicall, as long as the high school, not the diploma, it is "regional" accredited), then it is good for all uses as possible for a high school diploma can be used. And so, then, Penn Foster high School diploma is as good as any other public high school, whether in the classroom, or the line of type, in the united States. Therefore, if the police have a job that requires a high school diploma, Penn Foster is as good as it gets. Most police departments, however, require more: usually at least an associates degree. And for that, Penn Foster may not be good enough. Yes, their associates degrees are accredited by a USDE-and CHEA-approved agency. However, they are "national" (as opposed to "regional") accredited; and some police departments can't accept that. Therefore, to play it safe, you should probably get your college degrees from regional accredited schools. It does not matter if the school is online or in the classroom. All that matters is that it is "regional" accredited. That said, the best way to know for sure is to ask the police department in question. If it is accepted that a "nationally" accredited degree of the university, then you could get your associates from Penn Foster, too. .

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