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Can you advise me on how to study abroad?

I wish to know more about how to study abroad. I am on the verge of undertaking my university education in the United States. I know about the whole thing that I have to pay tuition fees and seek my own accommodation. On the contrary, I know nothing about study abroad opportunities and how one can apply for them. Is it possible, for instance, for me to get financial support? What opportunities are there for a scholarship to study abroad for undergraduate students? These are the main issues.

Naomi Doyle

in Study Abroad

1 answer

1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on May 31, 2018

Your question is elaborate, but you don’t state which country you are from. If I knew that, I would advise you on how to get financial support from there. Nevertheless, you can still get such support from the United States, provided that you have already been admitted to a college there. Generally, this is how you can study abroad:

  • Before you do anything else, it is advisable to first visit the website. That is the site that will give you most of the information you need about studying in the country. It explains to you the entire education system and how it is structured. It gives you detailed information on college education. It explains the legal requirements for you to become accepted as a student. In case there is some information that you don’t understand, you can seek clarifications by communicating via the site. However, it is more advisable to visit an advisory center, usually found at the US embassy near you. In that way, you will get accurate information on your desired education, and subsequently, make informed choices on what you want to do.
  • You will then move to identifying the available opportunities to study abroad. You can get the information you want at Study Here you will get information on which colleges you can join and how to apply for them. You will also get information on all the requirements for you to commence your studies effectively. The site lists several universities offering international programs. It also gives detailed information on the application process for these courses. You will get plenty of information from them.
  • On the issue of scholarship for undergraduates to study abroad, you will need to visit the Study in the USA site. There is a lot of information for students planning to undertake their education in the USA like you. Matters of visas, qualifications, courses, accommodation and language tests are all canvassed on the site. Other items on offer are the different types of student funding available. These are applicable to persons who have already joined colleges in the country. It is usually advisable to pay tuition for the first semester before seeking funding for the rest of your study. However, that only works if you are actually able to pay. That does not mean you cannot get financial support to begin the course. It is just much simpler. 

Craig Stewarta year ago

Perhaps the one thing you should have added to this answer is that one can also work in the US while studying. It is called the work-study program and it is also well canvassed in the government website. This is another important aspect of how to study abroad. Working while studying can help you raise much-needed money for maintenance and thus cut your overall costs. The only problem is that some students pretend that they want to study when their ultimate aim is to just to work. So once they get a job, they abandon their studies. That is not acceptable and may get you deported from the country, which is not what you want. For those who are honest, the work-study program has proved to be of invaluable assistance to their studies. It is thus important to explore this option when applying to undertake higher education in the country.   

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