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Can unpaid bank loan in Dubai get you arrested in the Philippines?

Victoria Fowler

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Justin Parker on January 9, 2019

as to the law in the united arab emirates, its laws are not applicable in the Philippines. international bank in the uae are franchised therefore are not owned by the same ccompany in the Philippines. loans in the uae are insured. and do not entertain these bill collectors because they do not turn over the collection of the bank that purely harassment. we know that we have been there. and we've done that. just be ready to protect yourself and prepare for the worst. don't forget that you can always carry a gun in the Philippines legally, and if somebody enters your house claiming to collect unpaid debts from any bank in the uae and become a threat to you or your property you can always shoot in front of you, do not worry. after all, his gun license within the perimeter of your residence.

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