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Can the Socratic app solve my daughter’s homework questions appropriately?

I am a busy person with a very tight schedule that does not have any spare time to spend with my daughter to help her with her homework questions. I am made aware that there is a homework answers app called the Socratic app that is able to solve my daughters homework questions including giving her history homework answers and funny homework answers. I am desperately in need of this app so that I can concentrate more on providing her with her basic needs. I would really appreciate your generous help. Thank you

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

1 answer

Zach Chandler on January 23, 2018

The Socratic application does an amazing job helping students and their tutors in solving their homework problems. It is indeed a brilliant application that will offer you with the best services in this area. Moreover, it’s designed for usability so that it is very easy for the learners to use it. There is nothing in it that is complex.

The app is designed to be a homework answers application that takes a snapshot of your assignments and chews the questions with the help of cloud based artificial intelligence software and spits out the answers right away. Therefore, the first step you have to take is to download and install the application on your smartphone. After the installation, you have to scan the housework assignment and let it upload and compare the questions to the existing information on the internet. It then finds the best matching solutions to your problems and returns them. Therefore, you are always assured that your daughter is getting the best learning experience.

The application pairs the questions with the content online to help you understand the answer. It can handle both levels of education demands and all subjects including the provision of answers for history homework. It started by providing only answers for history and science answers but has evolved to encompass a diverse range of topics.

At times your kid also has the need to find a funny homework answer, a task that is also included in the application. This is just to demonstrate to you that the application has taken consideration of almost every unique need of your daughter and you should not be afraid of helping her use it.

There is nothing more amazing than this tool for helping your daughter in solving her homework problems. Indeed, the application is an amazing tool for your case but you should not leave your daughter alone with it because your help and supervision is paramount in her learning. It not only helps you and your daughter solve that gigantic science assignment that you are unable to help your child with but also helps you tutor your kid on that area of expertise you had mastered several years ago but have difficulty remembering it. With the Socratic application in your smartphone, you’ll get back on track in no time since it’s designed to make learning easier for both the student and the parent. Consequently, go ahead download the application and enjoy the experience with your daughter as you both learn new stuff.

Charles McAlear2 years ago

It’s very true as expressed in the answer above but let us be honest with each other about the Socratic app and face the reality. Whereas the app will scan images pretty fast and return accurate results for small assignments, a problem arises with wordy assignments and assignments that are accompanied by formulas or functions. For assignments with formulas or functions, the app ignores the words and only concentrates on the formula or function thereby giving inappropriate solutions. Therefore, the application is only applicable to assignments with few words and those that lack formulae and functions. To you who has any formulae or wordy assignments, don’t fool yourself that it will give you perfect solutions - it won't. However, these problems are expected with new technology and we hope that the company will find a solution to them sooner rather than later. That notwithstanding, the application will solve all other problems pretty well and fast.

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