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Can Student loan forgiveness program be obtainable to every student?

It hard to see that some graduates receive loan forgiveness while others are not eligible for the program. I have always thought that the student loan forgiveness program should be open to any graduate who has received the loan. Direct student loans and student loan relief apply to every student, why then does the plan segregate others? Another thing, the federal student loan payment should be in way that I pay what I afford, not fundamentally fixed amount.

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

Zach Chandler on April 17, 2018

It is a good observation and a question that lingers in most students minds. I also think Students loan forgiveness program ought to be a program that benefits all graduates. When I look at the program, I think it is a way of rewarding faithful payers in specific professions.

The government has been running and will be running its businesses whether the loan is settled or not. I, therefore, believe that the program can be available to students who pay the exact amount without putting in mind the accrued interest. As such, every student will receive loan forgiveness in equal measure. It is a fair play to all graduates in all fields and professions.

Apart from the government expunging debts to students, I feel that they can revise the article that provides for direct students’ loans. It will help to put students’ loan in check so that it cannot go beyond a specific limit.

I am glad that direct student loans provide for lower interest rates. Nevertheless, the bond of contention comes when graduates are not able to pay on time. The loan increases so much that it becomes a huge burden to bear. I suggest that the government can incorporate federal student-loans payment, and ensure that the students pay only overall fixed percentage calculated based on their loan. Such provisions can make loan forgiveness accessible by every graduate.

It is a fair deal to pay; 20% as interest. One is sure the amount will never increase if the other payment is late. Every graduate will have to pay the exact amount he /she acquired, and some interest, though minimal. With such changes, loan forgiveness is a guarantee to every student.

I believe that all the programs in place are for the common good for the students. However, some plans can be in place, and more measures incorporated to see that relief for students loans does not come when the graduates have already gone through hell. The help can be in a way that you keep on paying even though it is not consistent or with variable amounts each month with no further accumulation of interest. I know this will save many graduates from stress, more so those whose income is a bit low.

Brian Warner2 years ago

I believe that one of the best things a government can give to its citizens, among many things is quality education. Quality of education does not only come from the provision of good learning institutions, but also in providing a superior environment to learners. The environment encompasses the financial aid.

Each year, the government spends billions on grants to other countries, the amount can reduce, and the rest channeled to students as grants. I believe every student can receive loan forgiveness because every course is essential. Student loan forgiveness program should, therefore, think about all students equally. If in any case, some have to be exempted, then the consideration should be to those graduates whose records show that with their income, they have been unable to repay the loan on time.

It is sad to see that graduates who repay their loan consistently and are in specific professions, or work for some organizations qualify for student loan forgiveness program while others do not.

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