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Can south Koreans visit north Koreans?

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Jeremy Wood on December 1, 2019

in person? NOPE! in person with the government on the back? YEP! Government sometimes make deals, which is South Korean meeting North Korean, and this is not for the tour. It is by family reunion, but, ironically, they can't bring the Family back to a country. Another case is the tourism. There is a biggest mountain in Korea, called 백두산, baek-doo-san, or baek doo mountain, and it is famous because it is not a scientific theory that say if baek doo mountain explodes again,(which is of volcanic origin) that may threaten the world. In fact, in the 11th century, it corrupted once, and the pieces of rocks fell in japan, china and russia. anyway, to go there, the south koreans must enter in China in the first place, as the mountain is located on the border of China and North Korea, and we can go on the mountain trip. It's hard! Source: my brain with the book of text of knowledge.

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