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Can someone tell me what are the best online certificate programs available online?

I want to start taking educational courses online, and I would like to know the best online certificate programs available on the Internet. A friend has told me that I should search for top online certificates on the Internet, but I prefer to get information from someone who has taken online courses with certificates before on an educational website. I believe that Harvard online certificates are among the best certificates that can be taken online. Thank you so much for your help in advance.

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

1 answer

Bethany Evans on April 3, 2018

I believe I can help you out with what you are looking for. The internet and modern technology have made it possible for many people from around the globe to take certified courses from recognized institutions online and for free without having to register in a university and without having to be in a specific location. You are going to make a very wise choice by deciding to take an online course with a certificate, as you can work or travel around the world while studying at the same time. I want to tell you that I did the same thing a couple of years ago when I signed up for online courses with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and it was very fun and useful, as I made new international friends online from different countries. In addition, all the lecturers were certified professors who were working in the MIT. Online education is now really revolutionary, as it permits anyone to learn anything he/she wants without having to be in a certain location. This has made it easier for many people to attain certificates in their popular fields of studies. At the end of my answer, you will find three links to educational websites that have some of the best certificate programs online from which you can get certificates after studying your preferred courses. I really wish that you may find them useful. There are also some universities from which you can get a bachelor’s or a master’s degree online and for free. For example, The University of the People. It is one of the most famous universities from which you can get top courses online. I decided to take online courses because I always wanted to travel around the world, and I couldn’t do that while studying or working in a certain location. After studying online, I can get a job as a freelancer in any field I want, which makes it easier for me to go anywhere I want while working online. There are also many online Harvard certificates available on the official Harvard website. You will find the link to that website at the end of my answer. Those online courses are taught by certified Harvard professors who work at the University of Harvard. I really wish you best of luck with getting the online certificates you want.

Kyle Mckinney2 years ago

I totally agree with the idea of online education, as it permits anyone to study anything he/she wants without having to continue education in a university and without having to achieve certain high school results so that he/she can enroll in a recognized university. I am very glad to know now after reading the answer above that people can get top online certificates from universities and institutes like the MIT or Harvard. This will allow many people to develop themselves and gain new skills easily. Also, they can get certificates that may enable them to get any job they want. Most probably, I will start taking online courses as well in some subjects so that I can get a freelancing job that may enable me to travel to many destinations around the globe while guaranteeing a sustainable freelancing career. I want to wish you best of luck with your future online education.

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