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Can someone tell me more about multicultural education strategies and reforms?

I am doing research on multicultural education in the United States and other different countries, and I would like to know more information about it from an experienced teacher who has worked with students from different nationalities. I would also like to know about the main education reform that took place in the United States and led to the current education process that is applied now in all schools, as now education for all students has become compulsory. Thank you so much in advance for your help.

Kristi Hammond

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Ramon Kelly on April 20, 2018

I have been reading a lot about different educational matters during the last century, and the current one and I hope that you may find my answer useful for your research. Classical education, in general, has given a chance for many education reforms to take place, as it was mainly discussing the what, where, and when matters when it comes to facts and different information. As a result, classical education was used mainly for the majority of the population and neglecting the few people who were more concerned about the when and the which matters of different facts and historical information. Moreover, classical education was more concerned about the studies of ancient languages like Greek and Latin and did not give people a chance to learn about the culture and languages of their current generation, which made people more attached to old cultures, habits, traditions, and languages. When it comes to multicultural educational strategies, they are very concerned with making teachers able to work with students of different nationalities, languages, race, and backgrounds. This is the fact in many schools in the United States, as now many classes have students from China, the middle east, South America, Africa, Mexico, etc., which has made it necessary to apply educational strategies to guarantee the wellbeing of the overall educational process. Personally, I believe that the most important thing is that all students deal with each other normally without any discrimination related to their color, race or language, and most importantly, the teachers have to educate the students to deal with each other in such a manner. This way, education for every student will be the same without any differences. I believe that the main and most important reform to the educational process, in general, is the reform that made education compulsory for all students. This has made a major difference because now each student can guarantee having a good quality and free education until high school, which was not available for everyone to have before. This is, of course, great as all people have a chance to learn regardless of their wealth or social status. I wish you best of luck with your research, and I hope that you will achieve a good grade in it. I advise you as well to read a book about classical education so that you can see for yourself how education was much different than it is now.

Noel Byrd2 years ago

I am really impressed by the answer above as I was not aware before of the different educational reforms that have been applied and that made education now so different from the way it was before. I did not know that education before was not compulsory for everyone as it is now. I am of course so glad that many reforms must have been made to make education the way it is now so that each one can have a chance to learn. As to multicultural education, I think that the teachers should deal with students from different nationalities in a way that would make them not feel different from other students around them so that they can make use of the education process like other students. Teachers, of course, should have the necessary training that would enable them to apply such educational strategies in class efficiently and in a professional manner.

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