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Can someone tell me about a reliable website where I can find free grants?

My sister is very busy all the time with all her homework, and I would like to surprise her by finding her a good university grant. A friend has told me that the best way to search for free grants is online, and that is why I would like some advice from someone who has experience in this. I think there are some student grants UK available nowadays for some students, and I would like to find the most reliable student grants 2018 website.

Annie Barnes

in Student Loans

1 answer

1 answer

Zach Chandler on September 5, 2018

Hello! It is really nice of you that you want to do all this for your sister. I really wish that my brother could have done something like this for me. Anyway, I am now studying in the UK, and I have been through this before. So, I really hope you may find the websites I am going to provide you with helpful for getting the best available students grants 2018 for your sister. I really hope that she is getting high grades in school, as most of the grants are usually only available for the most professional and dedicated students. It is totally correct that you can find all the grants-related information on the internet and that you can apply online. The internet nowadays have made everything much easier for many people compared to many years ago.

You can find the official website of the United Kingdom with all the available governmental grant and scholarships for students. You can start by filling out the application. In addition, all the information you may be looking for regarding the students grants UK are available there. You can also easily contact them from the website in case you have any questions.

The second link at the end of my answer will direct you to the webpage where all the necessary application information is written in detail, and the third link will forward you to the webpage where all the contact information is available. If your sister likes to travel, then I think you can find a scholarship overseas. I really wish I would have done that a few years ago when I had a chance. A friend of mine is studying right now at a university in Sweden and she really likes it. In addition, living in another country and experiencing another culture is really great. For example, there are many organizations in the European Union that offer scholarships for students to study abroad. One of these organizations is called Erasmus Mundus, and it can even help any student from around the world get a free grant in the EU or other countries.  

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