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Can someone recommend for me a reliable virtual learning centre online?

I am sick of my daily nine-hour job and I am really considering a career shift so that I can work part-time online as a freelancer. I would really appreciate it if someone can recommend for me a good virtual learning centre in which I can learn new skills online. A friend has told me that there are many good online school courses that could be very beneficial. I can see that there are many benefits of online learning and I want to exploit them as much as I can.

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

1 answer

Ross Pratt on March 5, 2018

It is so true that online learning benefits us greatly nowadays as the communication technology has made it possible for anyone to get any information from the internet at any time and at any location. I have a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering and I have been working as an automotive engineer for the last two years, but I have also decided to quit my job and learn a new skill from a reliable online university so that I can enjoy what I am doing. I have decided to take an online course in machine design which has always been interesting for me when I was a student, and I have already found many interesting courses on a centre for virtual learning that I really recommend for you to use. It is called Stanford Online and its link is It has a wide variety of courses that will definitely include the courses that you may be looking for. It also has a very nice interface that is easy to use by anyone, even by those who are not very used to use computers. I have already recommended it for many of my friends and colleagues and they have liked it as well. It also has many school courses online that you can sign up for. One of the biggest benefits of learning online is that you can learn whatever you want while working at the same time. I suggest that you finish a few online courses first before you quit your job so that you can guarantee that everything is going well with your education process. I made the decision very fast when I decided to quit and start learning online and it took me a while until I was able to manage everything, learn the skills that I have wanted to learn, and get a new job that was more interesting and convenient for me. Another benefit of online learning is that the sky is your limit. You can learn from different courses, books, videos, and many other learning resources that are available online. I also advise you to start an online course with a group of your friends or colleagues so that you can support each other whenever it is possible. I really wish you best of luck with your learning process and I wish that you will have the opportunity to get your dream job in a field that you like.

Caleb Jenkins2 years ago

I think that learning some courses online is not the best option to get a job in a new field that you are not used to working in. I agree that many online school courses are available for everyone on the internet to learn from, but this does not mean that it is a wise decision to quit your job hoping that you may learn a new skill online and get a new job after that. Unfortunately, most of the employers are looking for applicants with some experience in certain fields. So, the best thing to do is to commit to online courses while working and searching for a new job at the same time. It may also be a good idea if your employer can let you work part-time instead of full-time so that you may have more time for your studies. I wish you good luck with your future career.

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