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Can someone recommend for me a good and a reliable distance learning centre?

I am wondering if there are good and reliable distance learning colleges from which I can get a college degree online without having to register in a local college. I live in a village that is far away from the nearest local college and one of my friends has told me that I can register in a distance learning centre online. He has been to an online learning conference before and has told me that learning in a college online can even be a much better option than in a local college.

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

1 answer

Ramon Kelly on March 5, 2018

I was having the same problem ten years ago when I wanted to get a college degree in engineering from a faraway college that was almost one hundred kilometers away from my hometown. I could not move back then to another location as I had to take care of my parents, so I had to go to college and come back home every day which was a big waste of my time and energy. Now as I think of it, I wish someone could have recommended for me a good distance learning college back then from which I could have already got a college degree online while just studying at home. I have made a great shift in my career last year when I have decided to sign up for a business degree online on this website That is the link to the online college in which I am studying now, and I really hope it might be beneficial for you. I encourage a lot of people to consider online learning because unfortunately, many people nowadays do not like what they do at work and they work in places that they do not like as well. They do all of that just to get paid and end up complaining all the time about how they do not like their jobs. Current technology has enabled many people to learn whatever they want online and even for free which will definitely be very beneficial for the upcoming generations. There are also many online learning centers right now on the internet that enable people to learn whatever they want in a short time without having to study for four or five years to get a bachelor degree in a certain field. I really wish you best of luck with getting your college degree from an online college as I think that is really the best option for you, and I also would like to advise you to choose what you want to learn wisely so you won’t waste your time later on if you may decide to study something else. The best thing to know about that is to ask many people who have worked in the same field that you want to study, attending a learning conference online may be very beneficial for you. Good luck!

Olive Wilsona year ago

I do not really think that getting a college degree online is a good option as going to college is a very nice experience that you will not find elsewhere. I understand that you live far away from the nearest local college to your place, but still, I think that distance learning centers are not very reliable when it comes to their certifications and quality of education, plus you are not going to have colleagues with whom you can share your different daily learning experiences. A good option for you is to go to the local university and arrange everything with your professors so you won’t have to go to college every day and waste a lot of your time. You will also have some friends at the college who will definitely help you with anything you may have missed in the lectures. I really wish you best of luck with your college studies whether in a local college or online.

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